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FAQ – Travelshop

In which countries are rail tickets bookable?

Train routes can be booked for the following countries/destinations:

  • Switzerland
  • Germany (from Germany to Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, BeNeLux)
  • France (from France to Spain. BeNeLux, London)
  • Italy
  • Austria (from Austria to Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia)

We also offer nighttrains.

Which tariffs are displayed?

Official fares (public fares) and TO fares are bookable.

Official fares

  • Supersaver fare (non-refundable)
  • Saver fares (non-refundable)
  • Semi-Flex Fare (partially refundable)
  • Flex fare (fully refundable)

TO fares

  • Saver Fares only bookable with hotel (non-refundable)
  • Flex Fares only bookable with hotel (fully refundable)

The fare display and the flexibility of the fares refer to the international fare/route in each case. Please note the cancellation policy for each fare.

Can the Glacier Express or Bernina Express or other Alpine trains be booked via Bahn Travelshop?

Yes, Glacier Express and Bernina Express reservations can be booked.

What services other than rail can be booked?

Accommodation, flights (Lufthansa group and EasyJet), activities, Swiss travel passes.

Are the prices gross or net?

The prices displayed are gross and you can view your commission. You always pay the net prices.

Which branding possibilities are offered?

Your logo on vouchers, itineraries and e-mails; white label solution with your CI/CD (logo and colors, header and footer).

How do I pay for the bookings?

You can either pay with credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or give us a deposit or bank guarantee and then pay with invoice.

Can I change/cancel an existing booking?

To change or cancel a booking you must write an e-mail or call railtour suisse sa, Switzerland.