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Connections to over 10’000 railway stations in 15 European countries.

Night trains included

Rail API Gateway makes booking night train tickets as comfortable as the trip itself. How cool is that?

Your clients are safe

Train stuck or another problem? We offer a 24/7 support hotline.

Seat reservations

Place seat reservations in advance,
for extra safety and comfort.

Panoramic trains

Fancy a trip through mountains? Enjoy panoramic trains like the famous
Glacier Express.

Multiple currencies

Our secure payment gateway accepts credit cards and payments in EUR, CHF and USD.

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How it Works

You tell us from where and to which destination you want to travel. We show you possible rail connections with prices, number of changes and conditions. You select your favorite, confirm your choice and pay with credit card. The Rail API Gateway purchases all requested tickets for you from the different railway companies with one single transaction. The e-tickets are sent to you by e-mail.

Solutions that allow you to offer more

Rail API Gateway

Connect your platform seamlessly with our Rail API Gateway and start selling rail tickets.

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Railhub API

Travel Shop

Book rail tickets for your clients easy like never before. Sell more with less work.

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Integrate rail products into your website and receive a commission for each conversion.

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Railhub Affiliate

Railway network Europe

Railway network Europe

Why shift to rail travel?

Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness is growing more and more. Transport for short to medium distances is increasingly shifting to rail. Passengers are becoming increasingly informed about sustainable transportation and travel. The train scores with comfort and low emissions.

rail investment

Government investment

Governments and rail companies are investing more than ever in rail expansion. New tunnels, new high-speed lines, new stations, new rolling stock and night trains are just some of the investments — rail travel is experiencing a renaissance. In addition, promoting international rail traffic is one of the central goals of the EU’s Green New Deal.

Expanding market

Train travel is becoming sexy again. The younger generation is also rediscovering train travel as practical and eventful. With new destinations, more and more connections and decreasing travel times, the offer and the market is constantly growing. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


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